magic and loss

Ci siamo conosciuti tardi, in quegli anni lì il trabiccolo che adesso regge le mie parole non c'era,  per conoscere qualcosa ( o qualcuno ) c'era bisogno di una persona che te la portasse.
Quella persona è arrivata tardi, ma è arrivata, ho avuto una folgorazione per quella che forse non è neppure una canzone, ma in quel momento là erano le parole giuste. 
Poi ho fatto il viaggio a ritroso e sono andata via.

                     "Harry's Circumcision (Reverie Gone Astray)"

Looking in the mirror
Harry didn't like what he saw
The cheeks of his mother, the eyes of his father
As each day crashed around him
The future stood revealed
He was turning into his parents
The final disappointment

Stepping out of the shower
Harry stared at himself
His hairline receding, the slight overbite
He picked up the razor to begin his shaving and thought
"Oh, I wish I was different.

I wish I was stronger
I wish I was thinner
I wish I didn't have this nose
These ears that stick out remind me of my father
And I don't want to be reminded at all."
The final disappointment

Harry looked in the mirror thinking of Vincent Van Gogh
And with a quick swipe lopped off his nose
And happy with that he made a slice where his chin was
He'd always wanted a dimple
The end of all illusion
Then peering down straight between his legs
Harry thought of the range of possibilities
A new face, a new life, no memories of the past
And slit his throat from ear to ear

Harry woke up with a cough
The stitches made him wince
A doctor smiled at him from
Somewhere across the room

"Son, we saved your life
But you'll never look the same."
And when he heard that, Harry had to laugh
And when he heard that, Harry had to laugh
Although it hurt, Harry had to laugh
The final disappointment


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